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EDELRID Vertic Triple Lock II Harness


  • The Edelrid VETRIC is a fully-equipped fall arrest, work positioning and seat harness with a multitude of innovative and detailed solutions. For even more efficiency when ascending and moving in rope systems, the CHEST CRUISER chest ascender is firmly sewn into the VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK.

EDELRID TreeRex Triple Lock Harness


  • The most versatile tree-care harness of all times. With a variety of rope bridge configurations and optional SRT BRIDGE for safe and comfortable working on single ropes. The innovative 3D Vent Technology, in combination with the wide, semi-rigid padding, ensures unsurpassed hanging comfort and at the same time good breathability. 4 large gear loops, numerous attachment possibilities for gear carabiners as well as a device for suspending a chainsaw round off the complete package of this unique climbing harness.

    The TREEREX is supplied pre-assembled with an adjustable rope bridge in the lateral eyelets and an aluminium connecting ring.

    Available in Size 1 and 2, please refer to the Size chart for measurement.


EDELRID TreeRex Bungee Chest Harness


  • Size-adjustable chest harness for comfortable ascent on the single rope according to SRT technique. No PPE.

EDELRID Talon Tree Spurs Short / Long Gaff


  • The EDELRID TALON tree climbers are one of the lightest climbing gaffs on market. We designed these climbers following the human leg shape. The Talon is built on a completely new design that maximizes ergonomics and allows the highest level of flexibility and comfort. Available with 43 mm (Short) or 70 mm (Long) spikes.

EDELRID Foot Cruiser Left / Right


  • Sophisticated foot ascender that enables efficient and low-fatigue climbing on the rope. A pre-installed but removable rope safety device prevents unintentional release. The locking mechanism of the FOOT CRUISER is easy to operate—even with your feet. The ascent loop is fitted with an abrasion protector. The FOOT CRUISER is available for right or left feet.

    More info here:

EDELRID Spoc Pulley


  • Ultra-light pulley with backstop. Designed for lifting loads, crevasse rescue operations, or as an emergency ascender.

    The Spoc can be used as a classic rope clamp for rope ascents, as a simple pulley or as a pulley with a backstop, for example during crevasse rescue operations. It reaches an extremely high efficiency of 92%, thanks to the high quality ball bearing.

    The cam, with its integrated spring mechanism, locks automatically, and will work even with icy or muddy ropes due to its special design. A cable pull lets you easily open the backstop with one hand. The backstop can also be fixed in the open position in order to use the device as a simple pulley. The carabiner connection hole is generously dimensioned so that any type of screwgate carabiner can be positioned without problems, which makes the installation significantly simpler.

    The Spoc is suitable for ropes with a diameter between 7 and 11mm, as well as for the Rap Line II from EDELRID.


EDELRID Performance Static 11 mm Weblink Rope



    The slimmest termination on the market with a maximum breaking strength of > 15 kN.

    The most compact termination on the market, as is particularly notice- able in the arborist sector when the end of the rope is fed through the rings of a cambium saver.

    The seam is protected against wear by a removable abrasion protector and the carabiner is kept in perfect position – the probability of transversal forces on the carabiner is vastly reduced. The abrasion protector has a small inspection window for checking during attachment. If the carabiner is correctly attached, the polyamide webbing can be seen in the viewing window; if the carabiner is not threaded through the webbing, the carabiner is visible. The abrasion protector can be removed to subject the termination to a full visual inspection. The size of the termination eye is adapted to the carabiner or connector, thereby eliminating cross-loading of the eye.

    Please contact us at if you require custom length rope.

EDELRID KAA Preassembled Haul System


  • The KAA is a prefabricated haul system for lifting persons in case of rescue or for tensioning a system. In addition, as the KAA is certified according to EN 354, it can be used for workplace stabilization, as a restraint system (open/closed) and controlled lowering. Its strap-based construction makes it the most compact and lightweight system on the market. Depending on the positioning, it offers a 4:1 or 5:1 lifting ratio with an efficiency of 91%. The KAA is compact but delivered ready for immediate use, so that no valuable time is lost when it is required. A swivel is provided at each end to prevent the system from twisting. The hand lever on the draw cord allows a better pull and it can also be used as a lowering lever. The KAA is available in three lengths: 0.8 m, 1.5 m and 4 m.


EDELRID Salathe Softshell Helmet


  • Ultra-light, well-ventilated climbing helmet with a hybrid design. The combination of a foam-injected EPP core and a partial ABS hard shell enables both optimum safety and a minimum weight. The ideal helmet for all uses where the lowest possible weight is required.

PYRAMEX Capstone Gray Direct/Indirect Goggles with Clear Anti-Fog Lens


  • Goggle incorporated with removable shield provides full face protection.

    4 ventilation holes provide appropriate airflow.

    Ratchet shield allows user to open or close in 3 positions for adjustment.

    Polycarbonate shield conforms to the face offering increased impact and dust protection.

    Passes MIL-PRF 32432 High Velocity Impact Standards.

    Z87: ANSI standard for Eye and Face protection devices

    +: High Impact

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