EDELRID Fuse Fall Arrester


  • FUSE redefines the standards for guided type fall arresters. It is the only securing device in the market for a payload of up to 140 kg that meets all applicable standards in Europe and North America. From the first meter it moves along the rope with unprecedented ease. This is achieved by a new, sophisticated attachment at the lever arm.

    The separation of the blocking mechanism and its speeddependent activator – a patent application has been filed – improve the reliability and safety of the device. The device reduces wear on the rope, prevents tearing of the rope, and ensures the blocking can be released without completely relieving the load. This is achieved by waiving at a toothing of the clamping cam. If needed, clamping can be activated by means of a practical lock function.

    FUSE can be attached to and removed from the rope without separating it from the karabiner. In connection with the light and compact DEFUSER energy absorbers (S, L, or RESCUE) the maximum arrest shock is 30 % below the standard. Different absorber lengths and performance parameters guarantee best handling – also for rescue operations and horizontal application.

Type: Fall Arrest

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