EDELRID Megawatt Descender


  • MEGAWATT is a universal descender device for industrial climbers and rescue operations with a payload of up to 200 kg. The intelligent transmission mechanics of the descent lever facilitate a large operating range and exact adjustment of the speed at minimum force.

    The short lever always automatically returns to the parking position and makes the device extremely compact. This prevents entanglement. The ergonomic lever design with rubber coated grip inserts allows intuitive active and passive operation with the left or right hand.

    The four-way safety lock allows inserting the rope without having to separate the device from the karabiner. Steel inserts in the especially burdened spots increase the service life of the device.

    The risk of uncontrolled travel along the rope is reduced by the anti-panic function. It can also be triggered deliberately to reverse the sense of operation of the lever. This allows optimum handling in any application and position. All this makes the MEGAWATT the most versatile descender device in the market at a weight of only 495 g.

Type: Harnesses

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