FIXE 1-Hanger 316L Stainless Steel


  • New Fixe 1-Hanger. More breaking strength, lightness and reliability.

    Fixes’ Technical Department has worked throughout 18 months on the development of its new Fixe 1.

    37 years have passed now and there with three geometric evolutions of what today this hanger represents, and in addition owing as well to the fact that it’s probably the most used hanger in history.

    The entire development and production of the new Fixe 1-Hanger has been carried out in Sant Quirze de Besora, where Fixe has worked in collaboration with the local metallurgical industry. This process has allowed full control in each step and the result of it is a lighter, more reliable hanger, with better control of the tightening torque, durable and safe.

    Fixe does not recommend its use in highly corrosive environments.

Type: Anchor

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