EDELRID Performance Static 11 mm Weblink Rope



    The slimmest termination on the market with a maximum breaking strength of > 15 kN.

    The most compact termination on the market, as is particularly notice- able in the arborist sector when the end of the rope is fed through the rings of a cambium saver.

    The seam is protected against wear by a removable abrasion protector and the carabiner is kept in perfect position – the probability of transversal forces on the carabiner is vastly reduced. The abrasion protector has a small inspection window for checking during attachment. If the carabiner is correctly attached, the polyamide webbing can be seen in the viewing window; if the carabiner is not threaded through the webbing, the carabiner is visible. The abrasion protector can be removed to subject the termination to a full visual inspection. The size of the termination eye is adapted to the carabiner or connector, thereby eliminating cross-loading of the eye.

    Please contact us at info@altisafe.com if you require custom length rope.

Type: Ropes

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