Hydrajaws Model 2050 Deluxe Bluetooth Tester Kit


  • Bridging the middle ground covering 30kN to 50kN between the Model 2000 and Model 2008 is Hydrajaws Mid-Heavy Model 2050 tester.

    Hydrajaws Model 2050 Mid-Heavy Duty Fixing Testers enable engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials, either for the purpose of establishing safe working loads or to validate the correct installation of existing fixings.The tensile load of up to 50kN is applied to the fixing mechanically and hydraulics are used to register the load through an accurate 50kN Digital gauge with Bluetooth capability, making the tester very reliable and offering a variety of additional benefits including:

    Results are visual and recorded with time, date and GPS location.

    Reports can be provided electronically onsite direct from Android or Apple device - saving time and increasing productivity.

    Force displacement option for increased data accuracy.

Type: Accessories