GEAR AID Magnetic Light Mount

Gear Aid

  • Use the Magnetic Light Mount by RAM to easily mount your GEAR AID LED Light on cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, tool chests, and more. In addition to a firm hold, the mount features easy-to-use ball and socket technology that enables quick adjustments and infinite angles at the turn of a knob. Compatible with GEAR AID LED lights and most digital cameras and camcorders, this mount is ideal for use when car camping, working on your car's engine, or when the power goes out. It's made from three rare earth magnets, high-strength composite, and powder coated marine-grade aluminum. The magnets provide a maximum-strength hold to ferrous metals, and the base is finished with a smooth composite to reduce scratching the surface. Just bring the magnet base towards the surface and almost feel it jump out of your hand.

Type: Accessories

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